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Post-1908 May Will Index Entries
for the Family from North Hampshire & Mid Berkshire

Charles Neale May of Swallowcliffe, Seaton, Devon.
Died 20th November 1908.
Probate London, 7th January 1909
to Mabel Anne, wife of Revd. Cecil Manley Hawker & Thomas Worsfold Mayo, solicitor.
Effects £25,748 12s 7d.

George May of The Warren, Caversham, Oxfordshire.
Died 7th January 1909.
Probate London, 8th April
to William May, solicitor & John May, engineer.
Effects £3,118 19s 1d.

William Simonds Higgs May of The Elms, Kendrick Road, Reading, Berkshire, Esquire.
Died 13th July 1909.
Probate Oxford, 31st August
to Amy May, widow, Edmund May & Hubert May, gentlemen.
Effects £18,996 9s 4d.

Charles Goodhart May of Resdene, Claremont Avenue, Woking, Surrey.
Died 20th March 1911 at The Royal Naval Hospital, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Probate London, 8th April
to Emily Daisy May, widow.
Effects £2,496 8s 6d.
Resworn £2,578 2s 1d.

Daniel May of Ashleigh, Parkside Road, Reading, Berkshire.
Died 13th November 1911.
Probate Oxford, 20th December.
to Anne May, widow & Edgar Strange May, brewer.
Effects £7,066 13s 1d.

Revd. Edmund Alexander May of Mudford Vicarage, Somerset.
Died 18th October 1912.
Probate London, 20th December
to Sidney James Milledge, cashier.
Effects £9,210 10s 2d.
Resworn £8,994 18s 8d.

Cynthia May of 2 Springfield Place, Bath, Somerset, spinster.
Died 30th September 1914.
Admon Bristol, 3rd January 1944
to Edmund Burgess, consulting engineer & John McTurk, solicitor.
Effects £486 10s.

Henrietta Sophia May of 16 Colebrook Street, Winchester, Hampshire, spinster.
Died 14th April 1915.
Admon London, July.
to Walter Guyon Richards, Major, Indian Medical Service.
Effects £8,443 0s 9d.
Resworn £8,372 18s 3d.

Edmund May of Priory Cottage, Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire, gentleman.
Died 1st August 1916 at 24 Bath Road, Reading, Berkshire.
Probate Oxford, 27th September.
to Emma Lilian May, widow.
Effects £25,649 11s 2d.

Revd. Ernest Horatio May of Bartlow, Cambridgeshire, clerk.
Died 22nd January 1918.
Probate London, 22nd April
to Revd. Ernest Edmund Bedford May, clerk.
Effects £7,682 17s 7d.
Further grant London, 16th October 1952
to Revd. Edmund William Lees May, clerk.
Resworn £7,696 2s 7d.

Constance Julia May of Whitley Knoll, Reading, Berkshire, spinster.
Died 2nd December 1919.
Probate Oxford, 9th March
to Richard Bernard Body, gentleman.
Effects £18,532 7s 8d.

Annie May of 3a Tilehurst Road, Reading, Berkshire, widow.
Died 6th March 1920.
Probate London, 7th May
to William Norman May, M.D.
Effects £6,428 17s 6d.

John May of Hawkfield, Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Died 17th March 1920 at the Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea, Hampshire.
Probate London, 13th August
to Charles Franklin Simmons, auctioneer, Percy Dowsland Jones, solicitor, Revd. Henry George Cockerton, clerk & Arthur Herbert Barton, brewer.
Effects £77,172 3s 6d.

William May of the Elms, Henley Road, Reading, Berkshire.
Died 3rd January 1924.
Probate Oxford, 20th February
to Arthur May & Walter Ford, farmers.
Effects £1,333 14s 6d.

Valentine Delabere May of 35 Sion Hill, Bath, Somerset.
Died 11th July 1924 at 7 Somerset Place, Bath, Somerset.
Admon London, 15th October
to Grace Nadine Mary May, widow.
Effects £1,530 13s
Further grant 16th May 1968.

Hubert May of Whitley Grove, Reading, Berkshire.
Died 29th November 1924.
Probate London, 28th February
to Eleanor Mary May, widow & Bernard Richard Body, Captain, H.M. Army.
Effects £20,251 19s 5d.
Resworn £21,812 10s 11d.

Edwin May of Verona, 14 Glen Road, Boscombe, Hampshire.
Died 30th April 1925.
Probate London, 9th June
to Henry Ernest May MB.
Effects £130,852 19s 10d.

Revd. Robert Augustus May of 7 Bromley Street, Stepney, Middlesex, clerk.
Died 25th October 1925 at Bethlem Royal Hospital, Southwark, Surrey.
Probate Bristol, 27th January
to Caroline May, widow & Lucy Caroline May, spinster.
Effects £591 15s 6d.
Admon London, 10th February.
Effects £683 13s.
Revoked 27th February.

Caroline Emily May 5 The Fosseway, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, spinster.
Died 23rd January 1927.
Probate Bristol, 4th March
to Revd. Walter Dunstan May, clerk.
Effects £10,806 18s 4d.

Henry Ernest May of Pilton House, Pinhoe, Devon.
Died 19th March 1929.
Probate London, 9th May
to Ethel Mary Jane May, widow, Henry Rowland Hill, chemist & Robert James Reid, solicitor.
Effects £45,744 2s 8d.

Anne Elizabeth May of 7 The Fosseway, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, spinster.
Died 5th July 1929.
Probate Bristol, 3rd September
to Thomas Hughes Delabere May Esquire, Christopher Delabere May, Major, H.M. Army & Sydney Bonner Scott, solicitor.
Effects £11,312 1s.
Resworn £11,262 1s.

John Edward May of Huish, Noctorum, Birkenhead, Cheshire.
Died 10th March 1930 at 3 Beresford Road, Oxton, Birkenhead, Cheshire.
Probate Liverpool, 30th June
to John Lionel May, master stevedore & Arthur Harlsall, solicitor.
Effects £6,706 11s 7d.
Resworn £7,167 14s 1d.

Mary Anne May, wife of Thomas Hughes Delabere May of 7 Somerset Place, Bath, Somerset.
Died 17th December 1931.
Probate Bristol, 10th February
to the said Thomas Hughes Delabere May Esquire.
Effects £11,721 19s 9d.

William May of Ashburton House, Send, Surrey & 18 Austin Friars, London.
Died 6th May 1932 at Pitt Hall, Ramsdell, Basingstoke, Hampshire.
to The Trustees of the Corporation.
Effects £197,083.

Morgan May of 27 Canning Street, Liverpool, Lancashire.
Died 2nd October 1936.
Probate Liverpool, 18th November
to Walter Thomas May, actuary
Effects £4,985 11s 10d.

Henry William May of 4 Bridge Street, Christchurch, Hampshire.
Died 5th February 1942.
Probate Llandudno, 16th March
to Jane May, widow & Keith Dowden, solicitorís managing clerk.
Effects £3,403 1s 3d.
Resworn £3,803 1s 3d.

Thomas Hughes Delabere May of 7 Somerset Place, Bath, Somerset.
Died 5th December 1942 at Somerset Cottage, Somerset Lane, Bath, Somerset.
Probate Bristol, 7th April
to Edmund Burgess, consulting engineer & John McTurk, solicitor.
Effects £37,613 12s 11d.
Further grant 29th September 1944.

Leonard Morgan May of 60 Shooters Road, Blackheath, London SE3.
Died 15th August 1943 at 20 Devonshire Place, London W1.
Probate Liverpool, 16th October
to Revd. Francis Hawtrey Morgan May, clerk & Walter Thomas May, fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.
Effects £77,235 7s 2d.

William Norman May of The White House, Sonning, Berkshire.
died 12th June 1944 at Greenlands, Redlands Road, Reading, Berkshire.
Probate Llandudno, 13th January
to Dorothy Louisa May, widow
Effects £11,073 5s 2d.

Revd. Walter Dunstan May of 30 Kingsnorth Gardens, Folkestone, Kent & Heale Cottage, Cedar Avenue, Chelmsford, Essex, clerk.
Died 21st January 1945 at Chelmsford Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex.
Probate Llandudno, 14th April
to Arthur Cowdry, solicitor.
Effects £9,497 13s 8d.

Emily Sophia May of Sunnyside, Wood Road, Hindhead, Surrey, spinster.
Died 9th February 1945 at Stoneycrest Nursing Home, Hindhead, Surrey.
Probate Llandudno, 12th January
to Barclays Bank Ltd, Michael William Blount May, solicitor & Ewen May, electrical wholesaler.
Effects £3,081 10s 5d.

Thomas Edward May of Trevenna, Fairy Road, Sea View, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.
Died 2nd April 1946.
Probate London, 16th August
to Amy May, widow.
Effects £951 15s 6d.

Charles Montague Neale May of The Bungalow, Port Alfred, Cape Province, South Africa.
Died 8th September 1948 at St.Jospehís Private Hospital, Port Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Africa.
Probate London, 26th May 1949
to The Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd.
Effects £256 3s 1d in England.

Revd. Ernest Edmund Bedford May of Ellingham Vicarage, Chathill, Northumbria, clerk.
Died 5th January 1952.
Probate Nottingham, 23rd May
to Lloyds Bank Ltd.
Effects £1,494 0s 7d.

Walter Thomas May of Brackendene, Durrant Road, Parkstone, Dorset.
Died 7th February 1956 at The Cambridge Nursing Home, Cambridge Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire.
Probate Liverpool
to Elsie May, widow.
Effects £51,064 18s.

Philadelphia Mary May of Blembia, Compton Road, New Milton, Hampshire.
Died 3rd May 1956 at St. Annís Nursing Home, Wokingham, Berkshire.
Probate Winchester, 7th September
to Harold Nash May, quartermaster MN.
Effects £370 10s 11d.

Ewen May of The Oast House, Old Tottingworth Farm, Heathfield, Sussex.
Died 20th July 1959 at Westminster Hospital, Westminster, Middlesex.
Probate Lewes, 26th August
to Douglas Winter, chartered accountant & Michael William Blount May, solicitor.
Effects £102,673 14s 8d.

Christopher Delabere May of 7 The Circus, Bath, Somerset.
Died 4th January 1968.
Probate Bristol, 14th February
Effects £5,217.

Harold Nash May of Orchard Cottage, 22 Chapel Road, West End, Southampton, Hampshire.
Died 7th February 1968.
Probate Winchester, 3rd April
Effects £5,313.

George Gilbert Charles Blount May of Pingasson, Western Patrick, Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Died 18th September 1981.
Probate Winchester, 2nd December
Effects £399,120.

Michael William Blount May of Ashburton House, Send, Surrey.
Died 4th June 1982.
Probate Winchester, 14th September
Effects £1,704,659.

Ernest William Lees May of Swallows Bridge, Chard, Somerset.
Died 18th June 1992.
Probate Bristol, 11th September
Effects £265,754.


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