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MAY Family

May Family of North-East Hampshire & Mid Berkshire:

Ann MAY of Caversham 1830
Catherine MAY of Reading 1840
Charles MAY of Ray Mead 1845
Christopher MAY of Basing 1693
Emily Sophia MAY of Hindhead 1943
Ewen MAY of Heathfield 1954
George Richard MAY of Tulse Hill 1893
George Gilbert Blount MAY of Weston Patrick 1981
Harry May of Kingsclere 1558
Henry Ernest MAY of Pinhoe 1928
James MAY of Englefield 1772
James MAY the Younger of Manchester 1861
John MAY of Worting 1591
John MAY the Elder of Worting 1676
John MAY of Worting 1679
Michael William Blount MAY of Send 1982
Mary MAY of Pangbourne 1820
Thomas MAY the Elder of Farringdon 1531
Thomas MAY of Wolverton 1597
William MAY of Kingsclere 1558

William MAY of Burghfield 1797
William MAY of Burghfield 1812
William MAY of Send 1925

Other May Families from the Same Area:

Mary MAY of Ramsdell 1770


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